Emily Aoibheann Elaine McCague Karen Anderson


It all started when four young ladies gathered to discuss a mutual problem: they wanted to fly but had nowhere to do it in their city. Their driving passion was aerial – performing with airborne circus equipment like trapeze, hoop, rope and silks. After years of ad-hoc aerial training they had run out of patience and so began a search for a space to develop their aerial craft. As fate would have it, they soon found their performance home - the Complex, a city-center venue that was the answer to their prayers. From vastly diverse backgrounds, the Dolls found the creative chemistry between them urgently needed an outlet. They had met each other for a reason, to realise their childhood imaginings of wild adventures, mystifying spectacles and immensely invigorating happenings.


PaperDolls are at a very interesting juncture in their growth as a new company. Having only formed in January 2011 and recently completed full-time aerial and acrobatics training at Belfast Circus School, we have jumped head first into our creative work and have received just as much back as a result. Our intention is to go on exactly as we started, doing what we want and seeing what can come about when you throw a group of intense, creative, physical, young, hungry people into a room and give them a platform from which to work.

We are determined that Dublin will continue to be the birthplace of extraordinary performance and creative production. We hope to establish an aerial training facility and creation space in the later part of 2012 to help cultivate artists and performers of the adventurous variety. We want to contribute to an environment which supports the development of new work in the city and to see our work flourish here. On the cusp of great plans, PaperDolls have much to do and all the energy of youth, vision and ambition to do it.

PaperDolls are Emily Aoibheann, Elaine McCague and Karen Anderson.

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